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2017:REDDI photo

Regional Explosives Detection Dog Initiative (REDDI)

REDDI Fact Sheet Westport 3APR17



Colorado Marijuana OpinionColorado Marj Odor Opinion

Arizona Supreme Court: Marijuana odor is enough to allow searches: http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona/2016/07/11/arizona-supreme-court-to-decide-marijuana-search-issue/86944772/

Legal Brief: Will be argued in U.S. Supreme Court

Rodriguez vs. U.S.  Rodriguez

Case outcome- US District Court, Ohio

Ohio vs Rhee – Outcome  Rhee

Case outcome- Supreme Court vs Jardines

Florida vs Jardines – Outcome  Jardines

Case outcome- Supreme Court vs Harris

Supreme Court vs Harris – Outcome  Harris

Case outcome vs Steve Nicely as expert witness

Ruling for case in Arizona (Steve Nicely as expert witness)  Falkenburry

Civil Dog Bite Case

Ohio-Civil Dog bite case    Ohio


Here is a couple of news articles on the current status of the Dogs sniffing houses issue.  

Brief on Jardines: click here

Brief on Harris: click here

Here are the links:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/03/drug-dogs-constitutional_n_1181133.html


Drug-Sniffing Dog Will Get His Day At U.S. Supreme Court  


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Police K-9 Related Legal Issues for 2011

anine Legal Update for 2012

By Terry Fleck

The Canine Legal Update and Opinions Web Site at http://www.k9fleck.org has been updated for 2011. In addition to the updates, I welcome any specific questions that you may have, and would like to answer these questions in the articles. Please contact me with any questions by visiting my Canine Legal Update and Opinions web site at www.k9fleck.org or by e-mail, Terry Fleck.
Steve Nicely Update-November 2012  Nicely
Steve Nicely Document     Nicely Update


SWGDOG (Scientific Working Group on Dog and Orthogonal Detector Guidelines) www.swgdog.org

SWGDOG is a forum aimed at addressing the broadly expressed need to improve the performance, reliability, and courtroom defensibility of detector dog teams.

LIT Study  LIT
UC Davis Health System Article  
SWGDOG’s response to Lit Study      SWGDOG
President Terry Anderson’s response to LIT Study    President